After a start, 01/06, Javier

Road, conversation, points of view, coincidences, resonances, desires.

A collection of tasks, stolen and invented practices.

Almost brand new bodies, curious minds, a life ahead.

Thinking in Spanish, speaking in English, dancing in all languages.

A sound to start a movement.

To clean the world, to be a filter, to emit a long and luminous note.

Muting judgement, awakening attention, many tasks at the same time.

Roy’s place, multiple dimensions.

Taking time for materials to arise.

Telepathy all the time.

The body wide open.

A note for a hole.

Warming the orifices, making the skin vibrate, getting to know the other with the mouth, assimilating with the ears, looking for support, moving the chords.

To find without searching.

To know each other in the wondering.

To wish to know.

Not to desire, not to produce, not to expect anything.

To displace beliefs, to find oneself.

A rigorously updated pattern for total freedom.

Who am I in this context?

The things I do before I think.

Refreshing the tasks.

Tuning the silence.

Laughter like fouettés, like Dervishes, like shooting stars falling from the void into the void.



A space for transmission and care.

For eroticism.

For humour.

And the colored girls go “Doo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do…”

It’s my party.

And I cry if I want to.

And Ravel’s bolero.